The Call

Every writer out there hopes and/or prays that they will one day get what we term 'the call'. It's that all important phone call from an agent who wants to offer you representation.

As this was not my frist rodeo, I was a bit more cautious this time around, but certainly no less excited and hopeful. This is my story of 'the call' from Nicole and Louise.

Oddly enough, it wasn't a phone call at all, or even an email. I was attending the RT Book Lover's Convention in New Orleans and pitching to all my top choices. Only not. I chose not to pitch to Nicole or Louise (though they were at the very top of my list) because they were both judges on the RT American Idol Author contest panel. This meant they had already read the first 30 pages of my manuscript (thanks to the contest), and so I knew if they liked my work, I would know through the contest. My day of pitching was epically amazing. Everyone I pitched to asked to see my manuscript. Every one. That never happens, peeps, especially to me. In tears of absolute joy and disbelief, I made my way up to the room where the RT Author Idol Contest winner's were being announced. They read through first pages of the fifteen finalists, and I was blown away to hear mine among them. And wow was I shocked when they said I had placed second! Normally only the first place winner is offered representation, but Nicole and Louise loved mine so much that they not only offered representation, but decided to offer dual representation.

After an hour or so of crying my eyes out from sheer joy (and I'm not a crier peeps, not at all), I met the ladies in Starbucks for coffee. The coffee was a blur of excited talk about my book, my future books, and my career. While there was no actual phone call involved, I have to say, this way was so much better.

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