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Join my No-Pressure Review Team
& get my newest eBooks FREE!

Prefer PRINTED books? Once you are *established as a reviewer of my books, you can be moved to the paperback ARC reviewer list! & every eARC reviewer has a chance to win a signed, printed copy of the book they review! See below for details.

*Established: reviewed at least three of my books on at least one of these retail sites: Amazon, B&N, Kobo, IBooks.

  • NO TIME LIMIT (though close to release date really helps out the book's success)

  • NO MUST-LOVE (four or five stars is not required, appreciated, but not required :)


So what do you ask for?

  • That you review on at least one of the retail sites listed above

  • That you do your best to review the book before the next one comes out. Release week is optimal to help my sales, but it isn't required. Can't read and review it yet? I'll wait to send the next one to you until you can review the prior. 


Sounds great. I'm in! So how does it work? 

Sign up and receive free eBooks of my latest releases in exchange for leaving a review on retail sites (It is up to you if you want to review it on social media platforms. I would love it if you did, but it is not required). But, if you haven't reviewed the last book I sent on retail sites, the latest release won't come to you until you do. Apologies that I can't do physical ARCs for everyone. I am broke and they cost a lot. HOWEVER... (See right)

Paperback ARC Team

This is a special, elite team for reviewers who have reviewed and enjoyed at least three of my books. Along with the signed, paperback ARC, I send exclusive swag and goodies. I hope to see you on this team soon!

Frequently Asked Questions: 

"But what if I didn't like it?" 

That's okay too! Not every book is for every reader.

And even if you like some of my books, you may not

like them all. If this happens and you aren't

comfortable leaving a review, but still want to receive

the next book, or a book of mine in a different series, that's perfectly fine. Just let me know the book wasn't

for you and you would rather not leave a review, and we're golden. 

"But I haven't read your other books. Can I get those as well?"
My apologies, but I cannot offer backlist titles or paperbacks except in rare cases. 

"Why retail sites instead of Goodreads or other social media?"
Reviews on retail sites help other readers, and help the retailers decide whether or not to give my book more face time, as it were (show up on recommended reads, also purchased by, etc.), and all other platforms of rights, such as Movie/TV, media, care deeply about how many reviews a book has on retail sites.


Everyone on my eARC team who enjoys and reviews my book on retail sites gets entered into a giveaway for a chance to win a signed printed copy of that book!

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