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Publisher: City Owl Press

Publishing Date: 10//27/20

Series: Children of Fenrir

Print Length: 380 pages


Bitten & Beholden 



     A Children of Fenrir full length Novel

When the chaos of Loki covers the earth again, the Seeker will awaken to save us all. 


When Sonja Michaelson’s hot date turns into something out of a horror movie, she wakes up with a chunk taken out of her neck, and her body going through strange changes. Her attacker has disappeared, leaving her a mysterious note to meet him in Montana. With her senses tipping over into the freaky, she is left with no choice but to go after him.


Instead of her attacker, she finds Tyler Viðarrson, an alluring man who claims he’s been sent to teach her how to survive the transition into her new life. Ty informs her that she’s been bitten into a line of werewolves that trace their lineage back to an ancient pack of Icelandic Vikings. Now, several packs are fighting for her to join them. Worse, if she doesn’t learn to control her wolf by the full moon, she could lose what’s left of her sanity. But with such a tempting teacher, she fears her sanity may be the least of her worries.


Sonja soon discovers there is a larger and more sinister plan at work. She is not the only one who has been changed against her will, and whoever is changing the others, wants her for what she can awaken – an ancient power that may endanger the entire world.



Previously published by Entangled as Once Bitten. Now with new material!


For producers who have not yet been contacted and would like to consider Bitten & Betrayed, you may contact my agent:


Nicole Resciniti 


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